CoD: Warzone Rebirth Easter egg reveals new Verdansk map

A big event has been promised for Call of Duty: Warzone for most of this season, and as a stunning conclusion to the much-shorter Warzone season 2 the developers have literally nuked the Warzone Verdansk map out of existence. However, a new Warzone Easter egg on Rebirth Island, which is currently the only map available for fans to play on, has pointed curious players to a Warzone Rebirth From The Ashes website and a secret that hints towards a new version of Verdansk called Flashback.

What is the new Warzone Easter egg?

New Warzone Easter egg

The new Warzone Easter egg involves heading to the Warzone Rebirth From The Ashes website and putting in certain codes, which unlock short cutscenes that show off the new Verdansk map coming in Call of Duty Warzone Season 3. One of the first to discover the secret of the website was user ModernWarzone, who showed off his findings on Twitter.

The website was discovered by players following the Warzone nuke event that destroyed Verdansk, who noticed that the new night version of Rebirth Island had Russian letters in some of its points of interest. Once put together, those letters spelled “Rebirth From The Ashes,” which lead to the website. If you type in “Oblivion” and agree to share your location, you can select the points on the map and see snippets of gameplay and cutscenes from the new map.

Other Warzone Rebirth From The Ashes codes includes “Hunger,” “Contained,” “Air,” “Detect,” “Seed,” and “Heal,” all of which allow you to view new images of the map. The new version of Verdansk seems to be called Flashback, and we imagine it should go live in Warzone Season 3 soon.

As of this moment, it’s unknown whether the Warzone Flashback map will be swarming with zombies as most of the game is right now, but we should find out sooner rather than later.