New Warzone ‘Flashback’ map gameplay leaks ahead of launch

It’s a big day for Call of Duty and its fans, with a new map finally being added to Warzone. Players have been told to expect a big reveal later on today, but that surprise has already been spoiled by users who were able to get into the new Warzone “Flashback” map ahead of time using the game’s Private Match feature.

Call of Duty: Warzone “Flashback” map gameplay

Warzone Flashback map gameplay leaks

While the new Flashback Call of Duty: Warzone map isn’t yet available for public matches, the game’s (now disabled) Private Match function allowed some users access to the new version of Verdansk. One such user is content creator “Bartonologist,” who has shared footage of the new map on their YouTube channel.

As expected, the new map is 80’s themed and therefore set in the past before the nuclear bomb went off. The 30-minute video from Bartonologist shows off a number of key locations, including the Stadium which is just being built.

On the competitive side of things, it does seem that the new map is brighter and allows for better visibility. In an intense battle royale scenario, being able to see enemies clearly is a big advantage. Expect the new Flashback map to encourage even more aggressive gameplay.

The 30-minute video from Bartonologist is embedded below. With it being leaked by Warzone’s Private Match feature, it’s possible that it will remain live on YouTube.

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