Returnal always had a hidden easy mode

The initial reaction to Returnal has been split, with its high difficulty and unaccommodating save system being the two major causes. Housemarque is looking into the negative response, though the game actually shipped with a hidden easy mode of sorts. By connecting a keyboard to the PS5 console, users can input commands to access secret developer features. Here’s the full Returnal cheats list to help make life a little easier.

How to enter Returnal cheats on PS5

Returnal cheats list

To activate cheats in Returnal on PS5, connect a keyboard to the PlayStation 5 console and enter the following codes:

  • Spawn different Weapons at the current Proficiency level
    • Shift + Ctrl + Alt + 1 to 10
  • Start a new run while retaining all current items and upgrades
    • Shift + Ctrl + 4
  • Return to the start of the most recent Biome
    • Shift + Ctrl + 8

Users must press and hold all keys simultaneously when entering these Returnal cheat codes.

Note that pressing the 3 or 7 key when attempting the latter two codes will freeze the game, thus erasing the current run. It’s also important not to enter Shift + Ctrl + 4 and restart a run after reaching the third Biome; doing so renders the current run unbeatable. Users that have already completed the game are free to do so, however.

YouTuber The Randomizer uncovered the hidden Returnal developer cheats and showcases them in the video below.

Housemarque is aware that players are using cheats and is looking to address the issue in an upcoming patch. It’s possible that the next update will contain a Returnal cheating fix, so it’s best not to download the new patch if intending to utilize any of the dev codes in this article.

While using cheats isn’t the intended way to play, many players are finding Returnal’s mechanics to be somewhat frustrating. Perhaps most annoyingly, runs suspended in Rest Mode aren’t totally safe from deletion.