PSA: Your Returnal runs aren’t safe in Rest Mode

Returnal has a divisive save system, to say the least. Players are unable to save progress during an in-game cycle and must suspend the game state using Rest Mode instead. This has its own drawbacks, like needless energy consumption, though, perhaps even worse, there’s an intended system feature that can wipe out progress. After booting up the PS5, it’s possible to receive the following message: “This game was updated while in Rest Mode. The updated game was closed.” As a result, the release of any new Returnal patch can have devastating effects.

How to fix Returnal ‘updated game was closed’ error

Returnal updated game was closed

To stop Returnal closing due to a patch when suspended in Rest Mode, pause the update before it finishes downloading.

If the update doesn’t download fully, no installation will take place. Should the update finish downloading, however, the latest version will automatically install. This process closes the Returnal application and deletes the current cycle, forcing players back to square one.

GameRevolution encountered this issue after dedicating several hours to a run over a period of days. Take this advice, as the Returnal “updated game was closed” notification is the last thing anybody wants to see at that point in time.

Returnal’s save system has its supporters and detractors, though even those in favor are likely to acknowledge this as a shortcoming. Fortunately, Housemarque is looking into the implementation of a manual save system in the future. The latest patch doesn’t help on that front, though here’s hoping for a solution to the Returnal Rest Mode update issue soon.

Setting the Returnal “updated game was closed” problem aside, the latest PlayStation 5 exclusive is excellent. It’s refreshing to see PlayStation Studios get behind something so unique. The shooter even pays homage to the dev team’s more humble past with a secret Resogun Easter egg.