Ubisoft disables viewer chat for its Ubisoft Forward 2021 livestreams

Fans tuning in to the Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 showing today may be surprised to discover a “chat is disabled for this live stream” on the Twitch and YouTube streams. The publisher has not offered a reason why the Ubisoft Twitch chat and YouTube chat has been disabled for the eagerly-anticipated E3 presentation stream, but it’s certainly an odd thing for a major showing to do in advance of such a big event.

Why is the Ubisoft ‘chat is disabled for this live stream’ message appearing?

Ubisoft 'chat is disabled for this live stream'

As of right now, anyone attempting to chat in Ubisoft’s own Twitch channel during the Ubisoft Forward E3 presentation will first see that the whole panel is suspiciously blank, then anything typed in the chat will throw up the fact that only subscribers can comment, and there doesn’t appear to be any way to subscribe.

Over on the Ubisoft YouTube stream for the E3 event it’s even more blatant, as the chat box is completely removed with the message “chat is disabled for this live stream” the only thing remaining. There is no way to leave a comment on either of these channels, either. Presumably these will not be re-enabled until after Ubisoft Forward is finished.

The publisher has offered no explanation for why it has disabled all chat features for Ubisoft Forward, but there has been a number of controversies surrounding the company recently, some of which company CEO Yves Guillemot addressed hours before the previous Ubisoft Forward in September.

Regardless of this chat issue, it should be a big day for Ubisoft as this presentation continues the E3 2021 schedule of events from Summer Game Fest earlier this week, which revealed yesterday that numerous Netflix animations based on Ubisoft properties were on their way. Hopefully fans will see some of those at Ubisoft Forward, even if they can’t talk about them.