Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and Captain Laserhawk anime announcements show big moves for Netflix and Ubisoft

As part of the E3 2021 announcement wave, we’ve learned that Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and Captain Laserhawk animes are coming to Netflix. The first two properties are familiar to any game enthusiast, but the latter is something new. This marks a continuation of Netflix’s anime adaptations of video game properties which began with the very successful Castlevania.

When are Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and Captain Laserhawk getting a release date?

Unfortunately, we didn’t get many details on when the Splinter Cell, Far Cry, or Captain Laserhawk anime will release. Far Cry only got a logo shot, and Splinter Cell got a singular promo image. Surprisingly, it’s the previously unknown Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix that we have the most info on right now.

Captain Laserhawk is being helmed by Adi Shankar, showrunner of the Castlevania anime. He describes it on his Twitter as being like “Captain N: The Game Masters but good … or the Bootleg Universe short films without copyright infringement!” It’s a cyberpunk dystopia set in 1992 and will be a “Blood Dragon remix of all Ubisoft properties.”

Splinter Cell will have John Wick creator Derek Kolstad on hand to write the series, but we don’t know much else about it. According to information dropped almost a year ago, the Splinter Cell anime has been approved for 2 seasons totaling 16 episodes. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard any rumors of a new Splinter Cell game for a while now. However, Ubisoft may have a surprise in store for us tomorrow at its E3 2021 conference.

Even more mysterious is the Far Cry Netflix anime. We didn’t even get a decent teaser for it. It’s not known whether it’ll be a retelling of one of the games or a new story in the vein of Far Cry. We don’t even know how far along in development these titles are.

We’ll likely hear more about all three series in the coming months. However, it’s likely that it’ll still be a while before we get a chance to watch them.