Ubisoft realizes Far Cry heroes are dull AF and lets you play as villains

At the Ubisoft Forward show for E3 2021, the publisher revealed a Far Cry 6 ‘play as the villains’ mode as part of the game’s upcoming post-launch content. The Far Cry 6 villains DLC will be available sometime after the game’s release date of October 7, and at the bare minimum will give the players the chance to control Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed — although there will also be Blood Dragon content too.

What is the Far Cry 6 play as villains mode?

Far Cry 6 play as villains mode

Ubisoft did not reveal exactly what the villains DLC will consist of. It could possibly be some sort of cooperative or competitive multiplayer mode, as the trailer makes it seem as if the villains will be part of the same experience. Alternatively, it could be a series of DLC episodes similar to Far Cry 5’s wild season pass, where players control a different villain in each episode. It certainly looks incredibly trippy, to say the least.

The confirmed villains players will be able to control include Far Cry 3’s Vaas, Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min, and Far Cry 5’s Joseph Seed. Pagan Min gets the most memorable moment in the trailer when he stabs someone in the eye with a pencil, Joker-like, although Vaas being menaced by Far Cry 3 protagonist Jason Brody (remember him? No? Us neither) is notable too. No word yet if Far Cry 6’s villain Anton Castillo will be included.

Ubisoft also teased a return to the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon universe, which it announced yesterday would also be getting a Netflix animated series called Captain Laserhawk. Ubisoft hasn’t revealed what the Far Cry 6 Blood Dragon DLC will be like, but if it’s in keeping with the rest of this villains mode then players may be able to control Blood Dragon’s antagonist Colonel Ike Sloan.

Also announced at Ubisoft Forward was the news that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would be getting a lot more DLC into its second year, Mario + Rabbids is back baby, and Rainbow Six Extraction will get operators from Siege but has no competitive multiplayer.