How Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora multiplayer could work

In a surprise move, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was revealed during Ubisoft Forward 2021. While some were expecting Ubisoft Massive’s Star Wars game to make an appearance, instead viewers witnessed the reveal of a game based on a record-breaking 2009 movie. What’s more, there are a few teases at it supporting co-op multiplayer, meaning friends can play together to take down the currently unknown threat.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora co-op multiplayer possibilities

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora co-op multiplayer

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandaor co-op multiplayer hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but there were some teases spotted in the reveal trailer.

First up, there’s a shot of multiple characters flying in the air together. One is the same character featured throughout the rest of the trailer, while the other appears only in that shot. It’s possible that these two characters are being controlled by two different players, which could make hunting in the game more fun.

The game highlights a number of characters who are all wearing different outfits. While this could mean the game has character customization, it could also point towards multiple different co-op players joining together.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Snowdrop engine being used to create the new Avatar game had previously been used to make several multiplayer games including The Division series.

With the game having only just been released, it might be a little way before players are given official confirmation on whether the Avatar 2022 game has multiplayer co-op. Here’s hoping it’s revealed sooner rather than later, so friends know whether or not they can start planning their Pandora adventures together!

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