Elden Ring has fast travel, Hidetaka Miyazaki confirms

The recently-announced Elden Ring will have a fast travel system, developer From Software has confirmed. The announcement came from Hidetaka Miyazaki, director at From, in an interview about the game. This is alongside information about a hub system, which players can traverse across.

Does Elden Ring have a fast travel system? 

Elden Ring

As confirmed by Miyazaki today, you’ll be able to fast travel in Elden Ring. However, this fast travel won’t be immediately available to the player and will be unlocked later on in the game.

As part of a large-scale interview with IGN about the game, Miyazaki went into detail about how fast travel works. The game is made up of six main areas which each contain bosses, caves, and quests to complete. They function as small open-worlds in Elden Ring, scattered across the Lands Between. It seems that clearing the six dungeons is the key to Elden Ring’s story:

“… each of these six areas will house its own mainline dungeon map, which is again seamlessly connected to the Lands Between itself. These will be the domains or the areas of the main demigod bosses.”  

Rather than having to trek across the map each time you want to explore a new dungeon, you’ll instead be able to fast travel across them. Miyazaki doesn’t go into too much detail about how it works here. He does confirm they’ll help make the long distances less daunting. He doesn’t want it to replace the enjoyment of discovering the map, though, saying “we [From Software] do want users to enjoy the aspect of exploration” in Elden Ring.

After years of rumors and teases, fans were delighted when Elden Ring was announced at Summer Game Fest last week. The story is developed by George R. R. Martin, the brain behind Game of Thrones, and gameplay is handled by FromSoftware, best known for the Souls series and Bloodborne. If it all gets too much to handle, fear not – you can hop between realms for a much-needed break from battle.

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