Halo Infinite movement has players sliding, sprinting, and more

Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer gameplay reveal just wrapped up, and players got a first look at the in-game movement systems. The free-to-play multiplayer mode features sliding, sprinting, and mantling to allow for easy map traversal. Seemingly, the Halo Infinite movement mechanics no longer feature the ability to ground pound and boost jump using thrusters.

Does Halo Infinite have a ground pound and thrust jumping?

Halo Infinite movement

Halo Infinite movement features sprint, slide, and clamber maneuvers to help players get around. Judging by the multiplayer gameplay reveal, Halo Infinite no longer features the ground pound and thruster pack jump from Halo 5: Guardians.

Although this might be disappointing to some, many fans believe Halo Infinite movement hits the sweet spot. Older Halo titles can feel somewhat sluggish with no ability to sprint, though the addition of several new mechanics in Guardians arguably muddied the waters. This was one of several issues with the last mainline entry that developer 343 Industries is now looking to address.

Infinite seeks to strike a balance that should appeal to both classic and modern Halo fans. Not much is lost for those stepping down (so to speak) from utilizing Guardians’ traversal mechanics. Meanwhile, there isn’t as much change for those transitioning from the Master Chief Collection to contend with. With a bit of luck, it’ll be enough to appease and unite both camps under one game.

Halo Infinite aims to bring back the series’ heyday, and, judging by the response so far, it could be on its way to achieving that goal. The E3 2021 multiplayer overview gave fans their first look at the Battle Pass, Smart Scope, and Spartan customization. In the latter case, it’s no longer only possible to change characters’ armor — there’s also new Personal AI.

Forge failing to make an appearance did leave some viewers wanting, however. Don’t worry, though, as here’s the latest info on the Halo Infinite Forge mode.