Mario Party Superstars revealed, adds OG boards from N64 and more

Mario Party Superstars was revealed at Nintendo Direct at E3 2021. Nintendo has tapped into its past catalog in an unusual move to bring five fan-favorite Nintendo 64-era boards back in remastered form. The big question fans have is which boards are coming to Mario Party Superstars.

Mario Party Superstars boards list

While we know that five boards are coming to Mario Party Superstars, only two of them have been revealed:

  • Peach’s Birthday Cake (Mario Party)
  • Space Land (Mario Party 2)

As for the other three, we don’t have much of a clue. There were three Mario Party games released on Nintendo 64, so here’s what’s left:

Mario Party:

  • Bowser’s Magma Mountain
  • DK’s Jungle Adventure
  • Eternal Star
  • Luigi’s Engine Room
  • Mario’s Rainbow Castle
  • Wario’s Battle Canyon
  • Yoshi’s Tropical Island

Mario Party 2:

  • Bowser Land
  • Horror Land
  • Mystery Land
  • Pirate Land
  • Western Land

Mario Party 3:

  • Creepy Cavern
  • Chilly Waters
  • Deep Bloober Sea
  • Spiny Desert
  • Waluigi’s Island
  • Woody Woods

That means Nintendo could add any of these 18 remaining boards to the game. Perhaps we’ll get some hints on what they’ll be closer to the launch of the game.

In addition to the five boards, there’ll be 100 minigames from across the N64 entries available to play. We don’t have a list yet, but the trailer shows a smattering of what’ll be available. Given the lukewarm reception of Super Mario Party, it’s great to see that Nintendo is going back to basics and breathing new life into fan-favorite content.

Another big plus for Mario Party Superstars is that you can play each mode online. There’ll also be matchmaking, so you won’t be forced to play with AI-only, even if there’s no one local to roll the dice with.

Mario Party Superstars is releasing surprisingly soon. You can purchase it on October 29, 2021, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.