Key Loki character deaths leave episode 4 viewers stunned

Wow, Loki episode 4 certainly went off with a bang! Several key characters suddenly met their demise and it’s left viewers wondering what’s going to happen next. Here’s a breakdown of the episode’s key death sequences. There are spoilers below, obviously!

Is Mobius dead in Loki?

Loki Mobius death

Mobius was pruned by a TVA soldier under orders by Renslayer.

After learning the truth from Loki, Mobius went to move against the TVA. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Renslayer and her guards. After a quick final speech and a nod to the jetskis he loves so much, Mobius was pruned.

However, as we learned from the episode 4 post-credits scene, being pruned doesn’t seem to mean death. Just as Loki was met by variants of himself in a destroyed New York City setting, it’s possible that Mobius has also been sent to another place on the timeline. Perhaps episode 5 will show Mobius surrounding by other versions of himself in an awesome jetski race or something…

While fans can only speculate at this point, as there are no leaks or teases at what’s next for Mobius, there’s still the question of whether he will have multiple versions of himself, like in the comics. There have been slight teases to this fact in Renslayer’s office, with the multiple glass stains on her table and her referencing multiple analysts. However, this could just be a nod to the comic version and may not impact the TV series.

Is C-20 dead?

Loki Mobius death

C-20 is listed as “Deceased” on Renslayer’s device.

However, Renslayer is clearly not trustworthy, so it’s possible that C-20 will have managed to escape. She’s already known to be formidable in battle, so perhaps she will make an appearance later in the final two episodes. At the very least, fans should get a clear confirmation of her fate.

Are the Time-Keepers dead?

Loki Mobius death

The Time-Keepers are dead. In fact, they were androids all along.

After Sylvie cuts off one of their heads, the Time-Keepers are revealed to be androids. It’s not clear who is behind the Time-Keepers, as it could be Renslayer or another person entirely. Fans are sure to find out more in the next episode.

Is Loki really dead?

Loki Mobius death

Loki is not dead in episode 4 of the TV show.

For those who watched the episode 4 post-credits scene, it’s clear that Loki has survived being pruned.

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