Mythical Pokemon Orange Version trends again

Pokemon fans have spent the day scratching their heads, as the mysterious game Pokemon Orange started trending on Twitter once again. It’s left the community wondering exactly what this is, as nobody can seem to remember it receiving a wide release. We’ve got the lowdown to jog your memory, and to unravel the mystery of Pokemon Orange version.

What is Pokemon Orange version? 

Pokemon Orange

If you don’t remember Pokemon Orange version at the height of the Pokemon frenzy in the 1990s, then fear not – you aren’t losing your memory. It’s a game that has never actually existed, instead devised by fans as a prospective entry into the franchise.

Yes, if you put Pokemon Orange version into Google, you’ll be greeted with various results that detail this fanmade adventure. It even has a fanmade history, too, which makes things even more confusing!

It would’ve released in the late 1990s, between Red and Green, but before Gold and Silver. The front cover features the charming dragon Pokemon Dragonite. This suggests the game’s starter Pokemon could’ve been its first form, Dratini.

Despite never being an official Pokemon game, the plot follows the structure we’re used to from the series. Your unnamed protagonist learns from Professor Oak, who sends you on a mission to deliver a GS ball to Professor Ivy. They reside in the fictional Orange Islands, complete with a new Pokedex, and the Orange League of trainers to beat. You set off on your adventure to fill out the new ‘dex, beat gym leaders, and conquer the Orange League. This is all detailed on the Fantendo page.

Information on the game is pretty slim, since it was never an official Pokemon release. However, we do know that all Generation I Pokemon would’ve appeared, as well as 42 from Generation II. Interestingly, it seems like discerning fans have worked to develop a version of the game, available from several ROM sites. Therefore, while not official, the fan community did come together to make Pokemon Orange version a reality.

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