The Steam Deck will play Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft

It’s now been confirmed that Steam Deck Fortnite and other non-Steam games can be played with Valve’s new console. These games include Steam Deck Roblox, Genshin Impact, Hitman 3, and more can all be played on the Switch-like portable system. Yes, even Steam Deck Minecraft can be played. In fact, Steam Deck games can be played as long as they’re available on PC, due to how Valve has put together the Steam console.

How can Steam Deck Fortnite be played, or other non-Steam games?

Steam Deck Fortnite

Valve has confirmed in a big questions and answers session with IGN that the Steam Deck is essentially a portable PC, so any users can treat it like a PC and install whatever they want on it. Despite being based on SteamOS and having Steam installed as the main store, the Steam Deck can use rival storefronts and install games from those platforms — including Epic Games Store, which houses Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and more, to which IGN asked a specific question:

IGN: Can I log into my Epic Games Store account?

Greg Coomer: Again, you can really do anything that you would expect a [Linux-based] PC to be able to do. So the answer to those things is yes.

In fact, most of the questions IGN asked could be answered with the fact that Steam Deck is a PC, and so if it can be done on PC, it can be done on the Steam Deck. This includes multiplayer, mod support, adjusting graphics settings and controls, and even installing Windows. “It can pretty much run anything you can run on a PC,” Valve states.

Anyone interested in picking up a Steam Deck can check out all the details here, such as release date, price and the like, and there’s another page on the differences between the three Steam Deck models right here.