World Of Warplanes Gets First Update And Alienware Sweepstakes

World of Warplanes took off to a roaring start but as Wargaming has quickly earned a reputation for keeping their games fresh, entertaining, and always updated it's already time for Version 1.1 to land.

This latest update features new maps, a new training mission, a few rebalances, and improved mouse control. You can check out the full break down of new features as detailed by below, but know that joining the battle now could win you Alienware hardware.

From today through Sunday, January 5th, 2014, players who complete the four training lessons in World of Warplanes will be entered to win a Dell Aurora computer and a new German Premium tier V plane. Click here to read the rules, download the client, and enter the fray.

Whether you've got a veteran Wargaming account or you're just installing World of Warplanes to enter the contest, there's no cost to enter. With the updates detailed below and the chance at high-end PC gear from Wargaming and Alienware, it seems like Santa visited World of Warplanes a little early.

Here are all the changes to World of Warplanes in version 1.1:

  • New Map: Adriatic – features both incredible views and intense naval warfare
  • New Map: Castle – a scenic countryside with castle town under heavy artillery fire
  • Focke Wulfs Join the Fight – fourteen new aircraft from the legendary Focke Wulf lineage
  • Five New Tier V Premium Planes – double XP and credits with new premium planes for USA, USSR, Great Britain, and Germany
  • New Training Mission – Ground Target Training for Ground Attack Aircraft
  • Shooting Mechanic Rebalance – low altitude, turn fighting plans can now defend from high altitude dive attacks
  • Supremacy Rebalance – Ground targets are even more vital in the fight for victory
  • Improved Mouse Control – New customizable mouse control schemes

To learn more about World of Warplanes, read our review.