Pirated Copy of The Sims 4 Pixelates Entire Game

Your Sim takes his first shower. A thoughtful one that will make him Inspired. The pixels begin to cover his privates. And then the pixels start taking over the screen until everything is just a faux-Minecraft blur.

Pirated copies of The Sims 4 (the screenshot above is an illegal copy of the Japanese version) will experiences pixelation plastered about the screen for the dastardly deeds. I wonder whether the pixelation will only be caused by showering, because you technically could just improve hygiene by washing his hands, ignoring it altogether, or using cheats.

Apparently, the pirates started whining on the forums to complain about the "bug" but then were quickly ousted by legitimate customers. Well, at least it's better than forcing a single-player game to become online-only or some other kind of restrictive DRM. Say what you will about EA, but this is a fantastic and hilarious way to deal with piracy.

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