The Sims movie is in production for some reason

The Sims movie is reportedly in production from Legendary Pictures, and that’s not all that’s on the way — a Simcity movie is also said to be in the works, marking for a pair of very strange video game film adaptations.

Simcity and The Sims certainly have their fair share of fans and it looks like a film studio wants to try to capitalize on that market. The Sims is arguably much more popular, but we don’t have much in the way of information on that project as it’s reported to be very early in its development.

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While details are light on The Sims movie, we do have more details on the Simcity film. GWW reports that it’s going to be “A comedic version of a Roland Emmerich-esque disaster movie inside the world of Simcity.” Roland Emmerich’s disaster films include The Day After Tomorrow2012, and 2018’s Godzilla (which was a disaster of another type, so to speak).

Apparent newcomer Mike Rosillio is writing the script, so we can’t exactly say how it will turn out based on his past works. No directors or casting have been announced just yet.