Dark Pit, Duck Hunt Dog, More Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. via Stream

A handful of new characters have been outed for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, thanks to Twitch streamer Hayama.

During the stream, we get a look at newcomers like Dark Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising and the Duck Hunt Dog from, well… Duck Hunt. Meanwhile, returning fighters like Ganondorf, Ness, Falco, and Mr. Game & Watch appear to be back. Oh yeah, and it looks like Dr. Mario, Jugglypuff, Wario, and ROB are among the roster as well.

Nintendo is set to host a live stream tomorrow, at which point we'll likely get the full roster. As such, stay tuned to GameRevolution for all the juicy Smash Bros. news you could ever want.