Console Hackers Have Already Started Playing With Destiny’s Game Code

As with any major new video game release Destiny has gotten its fair share of focus from the press and enthusiastic shooter audience alike, but new attention from users of modded console hardware has started to break parts of the game.

Specifically, individuals who have hacked into their Xbox 360 consoles have discovered how to unlock unlimited ammunition for all of their weapons. Specifically, that means players can no fire wildly without ever having to reload their sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, or fusion weaponry.

Currently, it appears as though these mods only work on Xbox 360 consoles (which have proven particularly popular for hacking over the past few years). We'll have more on Destiny this weekend as our review continues. Check out Review Log 01 and Review Log 02 for details on the game's mechanics and multiplayer.

[Via Kotaku AU]