3DS to Reportedly Function as Wii U Controller in Smash Bros.

Nintendo's handheld could very well function as a Wii U controller in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. if an image by Twitter user Kyle McLain is any indication.

Accompanying the photo (posted below), McLain wrote: "Am I crazy, or does this say that if you connect your 3DS with your Wii U, that you can use your 3DS as a controller?"


In a follow-up tweet, he added: "The text on the top screen says 'connect your 3DS with your Wii U to exchange customized characters, and you can use it as a controller.'"

If this truly is the case, it makes you wonder how far Nintendo might take this 3DS/Wii U connectivity in the future. With the New 3DS boasting an improved CPU and added triggers and C-Stick, there's no doubt the handheld is looking more and more like a suitable GamePad substitute. Whether or not Nintendo will take advantage of this opportunity, however, is another story entirely.