After 16 Years, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer Brand Manager Departs

After 16 years at Konami I've decided to seek new challenges. Thanks all and please continue to support @Adam_Bhatti

— Jon Murphy (@JonMurphy666) September 15, 2014

Amazing messages from all. Genuinely surprised/touched. Thank you. Really interested in demo feedback, but for now off to walk dog

— Jon Murphy (@JonMurphy666) September 16, 2014

Jonathan Murphy has helped steer the development and release of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise for over 16 years but he shared earlier this week that he is departing Konami for different opportunities.

Specifically, Jonathan will now be Senior Development Manager of dog walking, at least according to the tweets he sent out on Monday. This is the second high-profile departure of a long-tenured Konami employee managing international brands with Castlevania producer Dave Cox quitting after 17 years.

I spoke with Cox during a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 event in San Francisco and while his enthusiasm for the brand seemed to know no bounds, the release of that game and the less-than-stellar reception may have given cause for that departure.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, the latest game in the series, will be out in November though the series has fallen behind Electronic Arts and the FIFA brand for several years now.