GaymerX Convention Lives on With Successful GX3 Kickstarter Campaign

GX3: Everyone Games would have been the third GaymerX convention and set in 2014, though Matt Conn and other organizers didn't think they could pull together enough funding and the show will now run in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

GaymerX has held two conventions focused on gender, issues of sexuality in video games and development thus far. GX3 looks to be another gathering of thoughtful enthusiasts willing to have open discussions.

After hitting its $80,000 target, the GX3 Kickstarter campaign has a few stretch goals for its late-coming supporters to drive towards including online archives of GX3 panels, GXdev (a segmented Game Jam space for attending developers), and a second session for GXdev at the furthest target currently $35,000 away.

For more information, tickets, and to donate towards those goals, visit the official GX3 Kickstarter page.