Double Fine’s Spacebase DF-9 Releasing Next Month

Double Fine's Spacebase DF-9, a simulation game that's like The Sims in space where you're tasked with establishing a functioning base, will be coming out of Early Access and will be releasing next month, according to the official release.

After its Early Access release in October 2013, the development team has released six Alpha builds with progressively new upgrades and features: (just to name a few) Garden Zones, Botanists Pub Meals, Fitness Zones, Meteor Showers, Scientists, Research Labs, and Citizen Personalities. The last two alpha builds added doctors, base defense turrets, brawling, and brig zones.

As for new features in the 1.0 build, Double Fine plans to include a tutorial mode, a goal system with clear objectives, and extensive bug-fixing. The Lua source code will be made available to the community after release for mod content, and Double Fine will be relying on the community for all new content.

However, as cited by several comments by the community, some fans are displeased with this release date and believe that Double Fine is rushing the game into completion before it's truly ready.