Steam Brings Discovery Queue, Curators, and Search FIltering

If you have checked your Steam account in the past day or so, you've probably noticed several new functions meant to assist you sort through all of the new titles that arrive on Steam. Valve admits that over 1,300 new titles have been added to Steam over the past nine months, an incredible figure for sure but one that doesn't help in finding games that someone may want.

Valve is taking a three-prong approach to this searching problem. By following Steam Curators, users who publish review and recommendations in a public forum on Steam, you can see their picks on your home page and community activity feed. The auto-complete in the search box will now give you results within a few keystrokes and you can search by tags and terms as well.

More prominent is the Discovery Queue, a list of twelve titles on your front page which Steam believes you would be interested in based on your preferences. None of the titles that you've already purchased will appear in the queue, but other games within your preferred genre or have strong relations to the games in your library will likely appear. For instance, my list includes Endless Legend, Dota 2, Wasteland 2, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Also, at the top of each product page is a handy indicator of the percentage of positive over negative reviews. Any DRM for a title is more clearly presented in the right-hand column, and DLC lists on product pages now indicate which items are in your library, wishlist, and cart already. And who can miss that cool new blue and black visual overlay!