Insomniac Open to Making New Spyro Game

While Activision has taken the Spyro franchise and turned it into the toy-based phenomenon that is Skylanders, let's not forget that Insomniac Games created the purple dragon for which the series is named.

When asked by IGN at EGX whether or not the studio would be interested in returning to work on Spyro, Insomniac boss Ted Price told the outlet that he's not ruling out the possibility. "Activision’s done a great job with Spyro. They resurrected him and, in my opinion, Skylanders is still about Spyro," he explained. 

"It’s got the same aesthetic, the same broad appeal and they’ve done a great job of bringing that character and his world to a brand new set of fans," he added. "That’s very hard to do in an age where a lot of games are darker and grittier. We’ll always love Spyro. I’ve learned to say never say never so… who knows?"

Would you like to see Insomniac Games return to the Spyro franchise or would the studio's time be better spent on something else, namely more Ratchet & ClankSunset Overdrive, or yet another new IP?