Minecraft on Vita Nearing Completion, Enters Final Testing

The release of Minecraft: PS Vita Edition is drawing incredibly close, as developer 4J Studios has confirmed that the upcoming portable version of Mojang's cultural phenomenon is currently undergoing final testing at Sony.


Those familiar with the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft will feel right at home with the Vita version, which will come complete with all the features found in the console version, not the least of which includes online play. On top of that, those who already own the PS3 version will be able to download a copy free of charge.

However, if you don't already have the game for Sony's last-gen console, you can buy both the PS3 and Vita versions bundled together for $19.99. Oh, and it features cross-save as well, a feature I'm sure you'll find handy.

While Minecraft developer Mojang was just recently purchased by Microsoft, the Xbox manufacturer has no intention of walling off the franchise from PlayStation gamers. Huzzah!