WWE 2K15 Revives Create-A-Wrestler Career Mode

The WWE series has long since dropped story-driven create-a-wrestler career modes in favor the more procedurally-generated WWE Universe mode, but fans still remember the SmackDown vs. Raw days when players could take their user creations and build them from a lowly rookie to a five-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Luckily, the upcoming WWE 2K15 will be revamping that old career mode in the form of MyCareer, which 2K promises via press release to be "the first comprehensive, career-driven mode in WWE games history." That's a lot to live up to, sir.

After players fashion their character through WWE 2K15's Creation Suite, they will begin as a true rookie at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida (which I'm happy to say I visited before) to be trained by Bill DeMott. From there, the character will get the first crack at NXT where completing matches and objectives will lead to an opportunity to join the WWE's main roster, where forming alliances and rivalries will headline WWE pay-per-views, RAW, and SmackDown.

How the character chooses to react on the in-game social media, as well as alliances and rivalries, will influence player personality traits and crowd reactions (heel or face). Better yet, character progression will be improved by having the ability to earn abilities, upgrade stats, learn moves, assign a manager, and unlock clothing. MyCareer will feature a storyline with multiple branching paths, so expect plenty of content and replay value.

WWE 2K15 releases for PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 28 in North America (October 31 internationally) as well as PS4 and Xbox One on November 18 (November 21 internationally).