Far Cry 4 Weapons Trailer Introduces a New Character

Ubisoft released a new video promoting Far Cry 4's ever-growing cache of weaponry today and in it the game development team introduces a new character called Longinus, former warlord "who found God when he nearly died during a civil war in his country, where a priest named Maliya hid him in a church in Pala and nursed him back to health."

Ubisoft says that Longinus is "eventually baptized in the waters of Goka Falls" where he is eventually turned away from his own home country. Still, you'll find the video above focused on guns, blades, explosives, and more with plenty of rampant destruction to boot.

We'll have more on Far Cry 4 from an upcoming preview event in the weeks to come. Stick with GameRevolution for more and don't forget to read our preview from E3 2014.