Far Cry 4 Offers These Pre-order Incentives for Eager Consumers

Ubisoft impressed us with Far Cry 3's open island paradise and while Far Cry 4 takes players to the decidedly distinct Himalayas, that region will also feature varied wildlife, weaponry, and vehicles though one gun and a few missions have been reserved for gamers who preorder.

Preordering Far Cry 4 gets you a harpoon gun dubbed "The Impaler" which the publisher wastes no time in referring to in phallic terms. Ubisoft doesn't have details on the three distinct story missions available in the free-upgrade Limited Edition, though you'll miss out on them if you don't put $5 down at GameStop or order the game online before release.

GameRevolution will bring you more on Far Cry 4 as we near the game's release. Don't forget to read our preview from E3 2014 here.