Microsoft Talks Workforce Diversity as Leader in Tech

When it comes to technology firms, Microsoft doesn't necessarily lead the pack in the video game industry but no one can deny its size and stature in the broader market though recently released data suggests it could do more to lead the field in diversity.

With over 120,000 employees worldwide, the company has increased the percentage of women it employs by 4% to 29% of its total workforce. Non-Tech disciplines feature the greatest number of female employees though only 17% of "Leadership" positions are held by women within the company.

White employees also lead with 60% of the workforce based in the United States with 72% of leadership roles held by men within the company. It can be incredibly frustrating, for women and minorities both inside and outside the company, to think that most of the manufacturing lines churning out new handsets, laptop computers, and other Windows OS-running products feature far greater numbers of women of color.

GamesIndustry obtained the full report and states that African-Americans and Latino or Hispanic employees are only reported at "3.5% and 5.1% of Microsoft's US workforce." The outlet compares that figure against a 2013 census statistic that reports African-American and Latin groups at 13% and 17% of the total population.

Lisa Brummel, Executive VP of Human Resources responded by saying that "In [Microsoft's] 20-plus years of committed efforts toward managing diversity and inclusion effectively, what we've learned is that diversity is not a finite goal that can simply be achieved, then 'checked off' a list. It is a journey that requires constant self-assessment and recommitment."