Nintendo Sponsors Indie Game Exhibit at Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle

Nintendo's wide-reaching brand name will go to good use when the company sponsors a new exhibit at the Experience Music Project museum located in Seattle, Washington. The exhibit itself will be titled Indie Game Revolution, though it is not related to this very website you're reading right now!

Nintendo unveiled the news via press release:

Indie Game Revolution will feature playable versions of games created by independent developers over the past year. The roster of playable titles will be updated frequently, allowing visitors to get a taste of the latest and greatest content from this cutting-edge development community.

Patty Isacson Sabee, CEO and Director of the museum said that "Indie Game Revolution represents some of the most innovative and creative work in video games and we're thrilled to see Nintendo's continued support of the independent game development community."

Anyone interested in learning more of visiting the museum can check out for more information, hours, and directions (if you happen to be visiting or live in the area).