Third-Person Mod for New Borderlands Looks Great So Far

Most of the time, mods that change the perspective of a game from first-person to third-person breaks the camera or reveal that the character model is actually non-existent or buggy. But the new third-person mod by TFXLive for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel shows that the game is ready and able for the switch.

This isn't too surprising, actually, since any other players on your team can see your character anyway and watch your character perform specific motions for shooting, switching weapons, and jumping. And hey, you see your character at the quick change station anyway, and this mod shows off all of those hard-earned skins for your character.

The only strange thing about the mod is that it switches between third-person and first-person for the purpose of aiming, which can be quite jarring, but at least the mod is strong as a proof of concept.