Steam Removes Game From Download Service After Death Threat on Gabe Newell’s Life

Mike Maulbeck, a developer behind the independent game Paranautical Activity, has had his software pulled from the Steam digital storefront effective immediately. A link to the game page obtained no longer reaches the publisher's website.

Polygon also reports that the developer made his feelings regarding the title known via a series of angry messages posted to Twitter. The outlet quotes Maulbeck as saying:

This being a project I spent years of my life on, I was very frustrated by this mistake [Valve] made, so I tweeted a series of tweets calling them incompetent that eventually ended in me saying 'I swear I'm gonna fucking kill gabe' or something.

The developer says that he didn't mean anything by this statement and went on to label Valve Corporation as "incompetent" and the Steam digital platform as an "awful fucking monopoly." With the game pulled from Steam, Maulbeck says he will now step down from the development studio Code Avarice.