Bungie May Add Racing to Destiny

Destiny racing may become a thing. The emphasis here is on "may" and "a thing" because players are already racing around Destiny thanks to the hoverbikes you can summon with your ghost.

Speaking with Bungie developer Eric Osborne at PlayStation Experience (more information on this past weekend's convention here), GameSpot learned that the development studio could potentially add a fully-supported racing mode at a later date.

It's definitely an idea that has come up at the studio. And there are dozens and dozens and dozens of cool ideas. Part of the process of sustaining [Destiny] is figuring out what's the most bang for the buck, what's the right feedback to go after and address, how do we deliver the experiences that players want. And race is definitely one of the things that has come up as a topic, so we'll see. It's one of those shifty, no-promises answers.

We'll have more on Destiny this week with the release of the game's first expansion, dubbed The Dark Below. For this downloadable content's launch trailer, click here.