Toys”R”Us Revoking Lucario Amiibos

Retailer Toys"R"Us have frustratingly cancelled Lucario amiibos, according to personal reports onĀ Destructoid. There's no answer yet as to why these online orders have been revoked, but perhaps Toys"R"Us realized that its supply of Lucario figurines won't be able to meet the demand. Do we all need to use Extreme Speed in getting to the store now?

Having retailer-exclusive figurines isn't anything new, and though we understand the purpose behind the limited stock and retailer shenanigans, the consumer pays for this with delays, higher prices, and unwelcome cancellations like this one. Amiibos have turned less into a compatible feature for Super Smash Bros. and more into a marketplace-ready collectible that has little to do with the Wii U at all.

Lucario, please use Calm Mind on your many fans. I feel a rage-storm coming on.

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