Paparazzi Asks Gamers to Capture Celebs on PS4 in February

If you've got a second player and a PlayStation 4, Paparazzi will arrive in two months ready to take your picture and let you share-button-that straight to Twitter or wherever no one will care that you're not famous and you're actually showing a gameplay screenshot.

As you try to capture your friends in this 2D bit-style game, more absurdity will come your way, including Bear on a Trike which developer Mike Longley assures "is very real."

We initially made the game for a game jam centered with the theme of a Matthew McConaughey quote: "Cameras aren't guns. They can't really hurt you." Pringo Dingo Games is a three person studio, and we are incredibly excited about how far we've brought the game since that jam.

Paparazzi will be available in February for $4.99.