New Killer Instinct Fighter Teased, Revealed Next Week

Fighting fans are gearing up for a killer 2015 (pun intended) as Iron Galaxy teased a new bonus fighter being distributed free to those who own Killer Instinct: Season Two on Microsoft's Xbox One. His, or more properly, its name will be Omen, the herald of Gargos, the bat-like manifestation who once previously possessed Jago; its previous battles have granted the supernatural being a physical appearance on the mortal plane.

According to the official Killer Instinct forums, Omen will have a similar moveset to Jago, having gleaned them from his possession of Jago, along with some new ones, claiming he will be one of the best zoning (pressure by distance) characters “situationally.” “Learning to recognize the advantages his zoning tools can provide and work with them is going to be challenging,” the post asserts, “but rewarding when used correctly.”

Omen will not have a full story mode, like other characters, but will be featured prominently in some of the other stories of season two, as the post states that “he's become a lot more important to the larger story than we originally planned.”

For those who want to see Omen in all his foul glory, well, Iron Galaxy is making you wait, as the only image was the teaser released below: