PlayStation 4 Ships Over 18M PS4 Consoles, Sony Sells About Four Games Per Console Sale

Sony and the PlayStation brand have now sold over 18 million units of PlayStation 4 console hardware to consumers following a positive holiday 2014 where gamers proved voracious in new software sales too.

While gaming's reporting of hardware and software sales, particularly to the media, remains disappointing, there's no arguing with the year PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and probably PlayStation 3 had. VGChartz tracks video game sales by week and by their metrics, Sony sold over 10 million units in the past calendar year alone.

Microsoft reported in April that it had surpassed five million units of Xbox One hardware sold to consumers, though the company's sales reportedly tripled after dropping the price, Kinect camera, and hitting holiday 2014 hard. We expect the company to report it's own sales figures soon, though it announced last year that the Xbox One console had already reached over 10 million consumers.

[Via GamesIndustry]