Mortal Kombat X Krypt Guide

The Krypt in Mortal Kombat X is a revamped mode from prior Mortal Kombat games where you can spend Koins to unlock all manner of collectibles from extra Fatalities, Brutalities, costumes, concept art, and banner icons. This guide will help you earn extra Koins everywhere and help you collect all of the required inventory items to progress.

This time around, the Krypt has been redesigned in the form of an old-school first-person dungeon adventure where the 3D world is grid-based and you can turn and move the camera at right angles. It may sound strange, but as stated in our review, this is a solid reworking of the original Krypt.

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Inventory: At certain points through the Krypt, you will need to gather various items based on the weapons of Mortal Kombat's most iconic characters to unlock passages and proceed through obstacles; for instance, using Scorpion's spear to vault across a pit as if it were Link's Hookshot. These items are found throughout each level. The walkthrough below will help you find all of the items in the correct order so that you don't need to backtrack.

QTEs: Also, at random points while you're scouring through the Kyrpt, you will encounter quick-time events: the wolf in the Dead Woods Cemetery (pictured below), the spider in the Spider Tunnels, and a zombie corpse in Shao Kahn's Tomb. If you hit the correct button prompt in time, you will earn anywhere from 200 to 500 Koins for free. This means that you can theoretically unlock every item in the Krypt without once playing a single match (though why would you?). Either way, just be on your toes.

Timed Chests: Certain chests will only appear at certain times in the in-game clock, which speeds through its 12-hour time cycle rather quickly. If you hear a thwump sound near you, that means that a timed chest has either appeared or disappeared, and all you need to do is find it or wait for it reappear (doesn't take that long). These chests tend to hide premium items for a low cost, so catch them while you can.

Walkthrough Primer: The walkthrough below is a quick summary of the items and places you need to go. All essential steps are indicated by an arrow (–>). The optional bullet points (-) will lead you to various chests, hives, and bodies that will give you additional free koins for a paltry cost… or at least those that I've been able to find. There will likely be far more free-koin spots like these spread throughout the Krypt, and if I have the time, I will fill this guide with the rest of them.

Dead Woods Cemetery

–> Complete tutorial section, win 4,000 Koins

–> Grab Scorpion's Spear at Walkway of Souls (-13, 19), used in Spider Tunnels

–> Grab Sub-Zero's Iceball at Frost Path (-21, 20), used in Shao Kahn's Tomb


– Spend 20 Koins on timed chest at Hollow Grounds (-5, 21). win 2,000 Koins

​- Spend 1200 Koins on headstone at Frozen Graves (-2, 7), win 2,000 Koins

– Spend 350 Koins on headstone at Frozen Graves (-1, 11), win 1,000 Koins

Spider Tunnels

–> Grab Raiden's Staff at Shadow Spider Kave (5, 11), used multiple times to teleport, take the right path instead of the left for now

–> Use Scorpion's Spear at Scorpion Pits (18, 4), grab Spider Gem (18, 10), used to slot in missing gem

–> Use Raiden's Staff at Elder Chasm (20, 19), jumps to position (20, 23)

–> Insert Spider Gem at Spider Gem Hold (4, 26), win 8,000 Koins

​—> Grab Reptile's Claw at Widow's Pass (6, 30), used to reach switch in Shao Kahn's Tomb

–> Hit four switches in correct order at Switch Passage (17, 34) [Hint: There's a code written on the wall before the switches that tells you what order you need to flip the switches.]

–> Grab Kotal Kahn's Sword (22, 34) after flipping switches

–> Use Kotal Kahn's Sword at Switch Passage (6, 35) to cut through webbing

–> Grab Kenshi's Katana at Shadow Spider's Hive (5, 40), return to split near beginning of Spider Tunnels and take the left path

–> Grab Kung Lao's Hat at Chamber of Bones (-7, 12)

–> Use Kung Lao's Hat at Bridge Overlook (-10, 12), win 4,000 Koins

​–> After exploration, head out of Spider Tunnels (exit near Kung Lao's Hat)


– Spend 754 Koins on chest at Shadow Spider Kave (7, 10), win 2,000 Koins

– Spend 250 Koins on chest at Kotal's Kave (21, 35), win 2,000 Koins

​- Spend 680 Koins on hive at The Hidden Room (5, 21), win 4,000 Koins, need to use Raiden's Staff to access the room (next to Spider Gem portal)

– Spend 650 Koins on hive at Hollow of Darkness (9, 2) ;win 2,000 Koins

Dead Woods Cemetery (Part 2)

–> Open gate in Dead Woods Cemetery at Frigid Borrows (-1, 16), win 2,000 Koins

–> Use Kenshi's Sword to dispel souls at Hollow Grounds (-2, 21) to gain entry to Shao Kahn's Tomb

Shao Kahn's Tomb

–> Grab Liu Kang Fireball (0, 6), used to thaw ice entrance at White Lotus Temple in Dead Woods Cemetery

–> Use Sub-Zero's Iceball at Lin Kuei Katacomb (-8, 14). win 5000 Koins after flipping switch

–> Grab Ermac's Medallion at Dark Pass (-5, 18), used to hover over spikes later

–> Can use Raiden's Staff at Hall of Betrayal (0, 19) to access Lost Mausoleum

–> Use Reptile's Claw at Acid Falls (-5, 28), win 5,000 Koins after flipping switch

–> Use Ermac's Medallion at The Spiked Pits (9, 14), win 5,000 Koins for flipping switch

–> Once all three switches are flipped, open the gate (0, 9), win 10,000 Koins

–> Grab Jax's Rocket Launcher at Kahn's Stronghold (0, 12), used to blast gate at Shrine in Dead Woods Cemetary


– Spend 100 Koins, Shao Kahn's Tomb (-4, 8), win 1,000 Koins

– Spend 860 Koins, Lost Mausoleum (5, -1), win 2,000 Koins, must use Raiden's Staff to access Mausoleum

– Spend 1100 Koins, Kahn's Stronghold (1, 14), win 4,000 Koins, must flip all three switches to reach Stronghold

Dead Woods Cemetery (Part 3)

–> Use Liu Kang's Fireball at White Lotus Temple (-20, 4), win 6,000 Koins

–> Use Jax's Rocket Launcher at Shrine Entrance (-11, 12), win 10,000 Koins

–> Bet 10,000 Koins at Shrine of the Dead (-11, 13), earn Netherrealm Kamidogu

–> Use Netherrealm Kamidogu at The Nether Gate (-24, 18) to gain entry to Netherrealm laboratory

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