Watch Every Unlockable Rare Replay Making Of and Canceled Project Video Here

To say that Rare Replay has a lot of content would be an understatement. With 30 games included, a few of which contain 20 hour adventures to experience, completing the package requires weeks if not months of effort. In this case, this long completion time isn't only relevant for achievement hunters, either. There is over one hour of behind-the-scenes footage of Rare that makes tackling the game's many challenges an alluring option for even the most completion-averse.


Let's be real, a very small minority of gamers who get Rare Replay are ever going to unlock each of its over a dozen videos. Thankfully, several users on YouTube have begun to share the many unlockable videos. Out of them, the "Making Of" and "Previously Unseen" are must watches as they demonstrate the process behind how the studio made its most successful games, as well as showing five titles that never saw the light of day.


Rare Revealed: The Making Of Banjo-Kazooie

This video guides you through the process behind designing and delivering what would become Rare's most famous title.


Rare Revealed: The Making of Battletoads

As shared in this video, Battletoads was in-fact inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Rare Revealed: The Making of Conker's Bad Fur Day

Being Rare's first Mature rated game, Conker's Bad Fur Day was a unique spin on Rare's formula that the company is very proud of.



Rare Revealed: The Making of Killer Instinct

Rare had a lot of success in arcades during the 90's, part of which is owed to the popularity of Killer Instinct.



Rare Revealed: The Making of Blast Corps

After investing in several titles with significant budgets, Blast Corps was a return to the simpler times.



Previously Unseen: Sundown

Rare wanted to make a survival horror game, but it was tossed out before it could get going.



Previously Unseen: Black Widow

This is what Armored Core on crack would look like.



Previously Unseen: Kameo 2

Kameo didn't perform all that well. Although its sequel was going to be darker in tone to change things up, it was never able to move past early stages of development.



Previously Unseen: Tailwind

If you've ever wanted to be a mail courier that delivers packages from the sky, this would have been your game.



Previously Unseen: The Fast and the Furriest

Fans of Crash Team Racing will want to check this one out.



Featurette: What Makes a Rare Game?

This is a question that makes even those who work at Rare stop and think.

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