Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Overview – Weapons, Scorestreaks, Maps, Camos, and Game Modes

​This year's Call of Duty is finally here. While you might hop into the single-player campaign first, the multiplayer is likely where you'll spend the most time in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. To help prepare you for the competitive adventure that awaits, we have an overview of all the things you need to know to be prepared to earn a positive KDR. Check out all the information below.




6 Speed: Get 75 Headshot medals with a gun.

Ardent: Available after Policia is unlocked.

Ash: Get 10 Headshot medals with a gun.

Battle: Available after Policia is unlocked.​

Black Ops 3

Bliss: Available after Policia is unlocked.

Burnt: Available after Policia is unlocked.

Chameleon: Available after Policia is unlocked.​



Dante: Get 40 Headshot medals with a gun.


Flectarn: Get 15 Headshot medals with a gun.

​Heat Stroke: Get 20 Headshot medals with a gun.

Integer: Get 50 Headshot medals with a gun.

​Jungle Tech: Get 5 Headshot medals with a gun.

Policia: Get 100 Headshot medals with a gun.

​Red Hex

Snow Job: Get 30 Headshot medals with a gun.

True Vet

Weaponized 115



Game Modes (Core)

Capture the Flag: Obtain the opposing team's  flag and bring it back to the player's flag for one point. Your enemy must not be in possession of your team's flag during turn-in.

Demolition: Two team fight to plant a bomb on a target point and defend it long enough to allow it to explode.

Domination: Three capture points are up for grabs on the map. The more capture points your team has secured, the more map control your team has and the more points you're awarded every few seconds.

Free-For-All: It's "every man for himself." Points are awarded for kills, and the first player to either reach the score limit (set by the server administrator) or have the most points when time runs out is the victor.

Hardpoint: Battle against the opposing team to secure an objective point. Points are awarded when one team has at least one player within its area of influence without an opposing player in the area.

Kill Confirmed: A variant of Team Deathmatch where points are only awarded upon killing an enemy and picking up the dog tags they leave on the floor.

Safeguard: Battle against A.I. controlled enemy soldiers in this Horde-style game mode.

Search & Destroy: A defense and offense oriented game mode where one team must prevent the other from reaching one of two bomb sites and detonating a bomb.

Team Deathmatch: Kill Everyone on the opposing team to reach a point limit.

​Uplink: A variant of Capture the Flag where only one flag is available and both teams battle to obtain it.



Aquarium: Aquarium and botanical gardens near the 54I black market zone of Singapore's Marina Gardens.

Breach: Improvised D.E.A.D. battlement atop dense urban rooftops in the middle of war-torn Cairo.

Combine: Progressive farming and sustainability research facility in the remote Egyptian Sahara.

Evac: Abandoned evacuation zone atop an overgrown complex in the flooded Singapore QZ.

Exodus: Singaopore Quarantine Zone security Checkpoint in a seaside Chinatown neighborhood.

Fringe: Dusty, forgoten farm town near a massive space launch facility in rural Southern California.

Havoc: Wrecked battle zone at a forward operating base in the snow-covered North African desert.

Hunted: Big-game hunting lodge situated beneath a waterfall in the lush mountains of Ethiopia.

Infection: Warped simulation of a World War 2 historical battle set in a quaint French village.

Metro: High-speed mass transit rail station in the heart of snowy Zunich.

Redwood: Coastal D.E.A.D. defensive fortification in the Redwoods of Northern California.

Stronghold: High-tech Swiss chateau in the frozen, mountainous Alps.



HC-XD (400 Score): Remote-controlled Hover-Capable Explosive Device that can perform a thrust-powered jump and drive on vertical surfaces.

UAV (500 Score): Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that reveals enemy locations on the mini-map.

Care Package (550 Score): Airdrop a random Scorestreak.

Counter-UAV (600 Score): Jams enemy reconnaissance by temporarily disabling the enemy mini-map.

Dart (650 Score): Pilot an anti-personnel drone that is equipped with missiles capable of locking onto enemies and scorestreaks. Will also detonate upon impact with a surface.

Guardian (700 Score): A placeable dish that projects a cone of microwave radiation that stuns and impairs enemies.

Lightning Strike (800 Score): Remote-controlled Hellstorm missile with a cluster bomb payload.

Hardened Sentry (850 Score): Deploy an automated Hardened Sentry. Can be remote-controlled.

Cerberus (900 Score): Airdrop an autonomous Cerberus ground robot that patrols for enemy targets. Can be remote-controlled.

Rolling Thunder (950 Score): Launch a targeted carpet bomb strike of explosive drones.

Talon (1050 Score): Call in an autonomous escort attack drone. Can be remote-controlled.

Wraith (1100 Score): Aerial attack craft with advanced stealth capabilities and a defensive flak drone.

H.A.T.R. (1200 Score): High-Altitude Telemetry and Reconnaissance aircraft that shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map. Can only be shot down by launchers.

R.A.P.S. (1300 Scorer): Deploy ship that drops autonomous Robotic Anti-Personnel Sentry drones.

Power Core (1400 Score): Deployable device that temporarily disables enemy electronics and reduces effectiveness of enemy thruster-assisted movements. Can be destroyed.

G.I. Unit (1600 Score): Heavily armored General Infantry Unit robot. Can be set to Guard mode to protect the owner or set to Patrol mode to defend a designated location.

Mothership (1700 Score): Powerful VTOL weapons platform with a primary turret for the owner and two secondary turrets for teammates.



Submachine Guns


VMP (5 unlock tokens)

​Weevil (5 unlock tokens)

Vesper (level 19)

Pharo (level 31)

​Razorback (level 46)

Assault Rifles


​XR-2 (5 unlock tokens)​

HVK-30 (5 unlock tokens)​

​ICR-1 (level 16)

Man-O-War (level 28)

Sheiva (level 43)

MBA7 (level 55)



205 Brecci (5 unlock tokens)​

Haymaker 12 (level 10)

Argus (level 37)

Light Machine Guns


Dingo (5 unlock tokens)

Gorgon (5 unlock tokens)

48 Dredge (level 34)

Sniper Rifles



P-06 (level 25)

SVG-100 (level 52)



​RK5 (level 22)

​L-CAR 9 (level 43)



​BlackCell (level 13)


Combat Knife



​Semtex (5 unlock tokens)

Trip Mine (level 17)

Thermite (level 29)

Combat Axe (level 41)

C4 (level 53)



Smoke Screen (5 unlock tokens)

EMP (level 11)

Trophy System (level 25)

Shock Charge (level 35)

Flashbang (level 47)

Black Hat (level 54)



Perk 1


Blind Eye​ (5 unlock tokens)

Sixth Sense (5 unlock tokens)

Flak Jacket​ (5 unlock tokens)

Overclock (level 20)

Ghost (level 38)

Perk 2

Fast Hands

Ante Up (5 unlock tokens)

Hard Wired​ (5 unlock tokens)

Tracker (5 unlock tokens)

Cold Blooded (level 26)

Scavenger (level 44)

Perk 3


Blast Suppressor

Awareness (5 unlock tokens)

Tactical Mask (level 14)

Engineer (level 32)

Dead Silence (level 50)

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