Tell GR: What’s a positive but controversial game opinion you have?

Twitter is currently busy thinking up its positive but controversial film opinions, based on a popular tweet from Dread Central EiC Jonathan Barkan. With this tweet sparking a lot of healthy discussion surrounding underrated movies, we started thinking on the unusual opinions we have about video games that, while positive, aren’t necessarily in line with the general population’s thoughts.

We asked GameRevolution editors to let us know which controversial game opinions they have, and as always you can leave your own responses in the comments section below. Our favorite will be featured in tomorrow’s Tell GR!

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: MotorStorm Apocalypse is one of the best racing games of all time. This isn’t so much of a hot take as an old, tepid take, but I really want to make it clear to anyone who slept on this gem that you need to play it. With a 3D TV, if possible, because it was the only game I played which nearly convinced me that buying a 3D TV wasn’t a big waste of money. I still can’t believe that this only received mildly positive reviews at the time and kinda disappeared without much buzz. By all rights, its chaotic, apocalyptic setting should’ve been the benchmark for arcade racers from that point on, but no one really took to it and Evolution Studios was disbanded in 2015. The dev team joined Codemasters and made Onrush, another arcade racer that slipped under the radar with more jobs being cut as a result, so it looks like we’ll never see a MotorStorm sequel.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I really like “walking simulators” and other games that don’t require a ton of input. I know it’s not a super controversial opinion, but I’ve seen people comment on how they’re not real games and stuff like that. The best of them strike a really good balance between movies and gaming and let you be passive without removing all interactivity. Her Story and Return of the Obra Dinn could fall under this category and I had a ton of fun with both of them. Sometimes I want to play a game without feeling the pressure of having to constantly react to a situation, and both of those are great examples of games that let you play at your own pace with little to no opposition.”

Bradley Russell, news editor: “Are you ready for this? Deep breath. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a really good game. Sure, it may not be the Mass Effect 4 we were all hoping for, but it’s got enough about it to at least serve as a great spacefaring title. There’s the discovery and colonization aspect, something not really touched upon in great detail in the original trilogy, but the reason why I hold it in such high esteem is because of two words: Alien Sudoku. I could play that minigame for hours if it had just let me. And this is coming from someone who hates most puzzles in games (as dumb as that makes me sound) and just wants things to go shooty bang bang for 8-10 hours. I’m not holding out much hope for a sequel, but I’ll always remember… what’s-his-name. And that guy? You know the one. The alien guy. He was nice.”

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Question: What game series would you delete forever?

Kevin O’Neil: “World of Warcraft, under the impression that all the time I sunk into it would be refunded on deletion.”

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