Your job is to guard the button… Review

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  • 12/31/1969
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Your job is to guard the button…

Joysticks…there’s a huge market for ’em. How can you know what to look for? Main points when contemplating a joystick (hopefully that’s why you’re reading this review) are control and compatibility, not to mention price. A joystick with a bunch of great options is appealing, but ultimately control and ease of operation set the standard.

If you just can’t keep up with all the headache-inducing keyboard strokes common to many flight simulators, a programmable joystick might be something to check out. And so we present the Eaglemax joystick from the team at ACT Labs .


taking a first gander at the Eaglemax itself, you will notice a number

of buttons and switches and the words “Hyper Programmable 10 in 1” stamped everywhere.

Now I know you’re asking, “How in the hell can a game use all these buttons?”

Well, the main point advertised (and what you will mostly be buying) is the

ability to program keyboard strokes, on the spot, for any button in the joystick.

Where the words “10 in 1” come from is that each and every button not on the

handle itself can hold up to 10 keystrokes (more like a macro). The standard

buttons on the stick itself (including joystick positions) can only hold one.