Love for Sail Review

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Release Date

  • 12/31/1969
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  • PC


Love for Sail

The PMS Bouncy! Steered by the noble and heroic Captain Thyghs, manned… er wommaned

by the finest sea sailing legs…. uh hands of the seven seas, lascivious lair

for Larry-like Lounge Lizards moans (uhhh…) the fact that is, this ain’t no


Leisure Suit Larry 7,

the latest installment in the roving adventures of the most looney Lounge Lizard

in history, has yet again placed the ‘infamous’ zero in a canine position: on

his knees and begging for more.

The new story opens where the last one in the series left-off. During a less than passionate night of love-making with the crowning glory from the previous title, Shanara, Larry prepares to take their relationship to the next tier, handcuffs! However, just as he binds himself down, he finds that Shanara has come to her own personal conclusions. Abandoning an empty life of spiritual self-discovery and personal growth, Shanara decides to pursue the true purpose of her existence, money and lots of it. Larry, falling short of the required assets, soon finds himself bound and deserted in the penthouse of the La Costa Lotta Resort of Leisure Suit Larry 6. True to his bumbling nature, he also manages to start a fire while tied to the bedposts of the penthouse budoir.

Yet again, despite his efforts, Larry has been able to get himself ditched, desperate and denuded in dire straits. Hence, the game begins.

The precarious position of the opening doubles as an intro/tutorial of the game and it’s new “latex” interface. The most obvious changes from the previous game comes in this respect. The former multiple-action mouse cursor has been replaced by a new ‘smart’ condom that changes appearance as it passes across the screen. Initially, the condom is less than enthusiastic about it’s function, however, when placed on an object that Larry can interact with, the cursor soon rises to the ocassion. Clicking on an interactive object brings up a menu of specific commands that can be performed on the object as well as a pull-down menu of inventory items that can be used or mis-used with the particular object. In addition, there is the added ability for the player to type in a topic to be discussed or an action to be performed by Larry, above and beyond those provided by the cursor menu. In some cases puzzles can only be solved by expanding Larry’s options with this feature. The new feature does away with the constant icon swapping of the previous Larry game and allows for faster, less clumsy playability.

Following a fiery crash course

in the new interface, Larry finds himself bruised and battered, but not broken.

During his escape from the explosion of the 40th story penthouse, Larry chanced

upon a ticket to a cruise. With nothing to lose and nothing to gain, Larry takes

the adventurous plunge into the Ocean’s most promiscious gene pool, the tankard

known as the PMS Bouncy. Once again, this is no Titanic. However, in

the spirit of Titanic, the new Larry game comes with

it’s own shipboard map. Aside from looking merely pretty, the map also changes

Larry’s movements. Although as regular as ever, Larry is now able to ‘jump’

from one place to another on the ship just by clicking on the various locations

of the Bouncy’s map. This much appreciated feature allows Larry to go to any

location on the ship that he has gained access to through the course of the

game. A feature much appreciated by those of us who’ve lived through the tedium

of having to walk one’s character through every location of an adventure game

just to get from point A to B to A again.

The feature however, wouldn’t really be missed in the new Larry game as each location of the game has been lasciviously animated to the smallest, crudest detail, providing the game’s players with much to see and do. The game’s graphics have been seriously overhauled since Larry’s previous incarantion. The characters of the game have been finely drawn and animated giving the game a smooth clean feel, much like watching a Saturday Night Cartoon. The feminine antagonists however are the real crowning glory of the new graphical interface, with each curve and every corner of pixel creating a tirade of tantalizing teases, revealing much but hiding just enough to tickle a gamer’s…ahem… fancy. Background animations also provide much in the way of the game’s bawdy humor which often makes references to other characters of the cartoon persuasion. Such visual aids coupled with great sound effects, music and speech adds the icing on this creaamy cake.

Bringing all this together, the new Leisure Suit Larry is exactly what people have come to know and expect from Al Lowe and his promiscuous protagonist. The graphics have been improved (i.e. the girls look a lot sexier), the interface has changed to meet the current style of adventure games, the hard sex is still tactly censored and the humor has retained it’s silly naughtiness. As such, this game has proved itself to be one of the Larry ilk, yet, if one was to complain, the only foible with the game is that is simply more of the same (admittedly a lot bustier). Leisure Suit Larry 7 brings nothing really new or original in the way of it’s humor or it’s sexual situations. A run through the new game provides almost a sense of deja vu as nothing much in the style of the game has really changed. You must still peneterate a crowd of busty beauties to win the bed of the leading lady (Captain Thyghs). You must still plow through dry jokes with subtle innuendos in order to triumph in a series of silly situations. As a stand-alone adventure game it is definately a fun and humorous title, sure to bring a smile to all the heads in the household. However, to those of us familair with Larry’s polyester exploits, it is just the same type of game we’ve all come to know (recommended for only those players who’ve also come to love).


- Great animations.
- New features.
- Bustier than ever.
- Great game but still the same.