“Firms maximize profit.” Review

Command & Conquer: Red Alert -- Counterstrike Info


  • Strategy


  • 1 - 4


  • Westwood Studios


  • Intelligent Games

Release Date

  • 12/31/1969
  • Out Now


  • PC


“Firms maximize profit.”

It is only natural for companies to make money, that’s why they exist. Once in a while, companies produce a bad product, and that’s normal. Sometimes however, some big computer game company gets greedy, tries to duplicate some of its past success, and sells a pathetic extension of a once popular game to devoted fans. Then some game reviewer, who also happens to be a loyal fan, gets really pissed off because: 1. Memory of once awesome game now tainted forever. 2. Disappointed in company (so much for brand loyalty). 3. Had to endure playing a bad game because it’s his job. Then he bashes the company and exposes its sham to everyone on the world wide web. Here goes…

Red Alert Counterstrike

boasts 16 brand new missions, over 100 new multiplayer maps, 4 new units, 8 new

songs, and the Red Alert Win95 Desktop Theme Pack. It all sounds good, but…

Who wants to play 16 new missions when there’s nothing special about them? Of

the sixteen, only a few of them contain missions where you can use these “special

new units”. These new units are a one time deal. Once they die, they never come

back. You’re not allowed to build them, and you can only use them for that one

mission. Sure Tesla Tanks sound cool. I remember suggesting that to one of my

friends long ago. I thought it would be a bomb. Instead, Westwood made some stupid

looking tank that had the abilities of the Tesla coil. Gee, that must have been

real difficult recycling. Then there’s this super jet that can drop nuclear missiles.

Once again, it was just a picture of a Mig superimposed with a nuclear detonation

(the same explosion in multiplayer nuclear blasts). Last and probably least, there

were the “Super” Soldier and his “Super” K-9 bitch. Recycled pictures of your

usual soldier and dog that had more life and did more damage. Oh, and the dog

can jump really far when he attacks. Yeah, give them a bone for that.

What made Command and Conquer

such a great success was the gameplay and the video sequences that went along

with the story. In this extension, there is no story and no video sequences. You

are allowed to just pick any mission you want, since none of them are related.

Westwood actually claims this “free choice” as a special feature, as if it is

something to drool over. What about the “over 100 new multiplayer maps”? As I

recall, Warcraft II allowed the player to design the maps

with a map creating feature, and it came with the game. An infinite number of

new maps. Should we also be grateful for paying to play an old game on

new ground?

For the die hard Command and Conquer fans, Westwood published Command

and Conquer Gold
couple months ago. This was a remake of the first C&C that

supported Win95 and had similar graphics to Red Alert. It also came with

a desktop theme pack. Maybe we could let that recycled game slide because it did

have improved graphics, and it was targeted at people who never played C&C or

fans who wanted to play it again and collect the nice desktop stuff. Counterstrike

on the other hand, requires the additional purchase of Red

. The few background pics could have just been downloaded and the icons

weren’t so hot either. So what’s the deal here? Just because we like C&C and bought

the sequel doesn’t mean we’re going to buy 16 extra tedious missions, not like

Red Alert wasn’t already wearing thin in

an industry where the life expectancy of a game is just as long as the latest


Hopefully this is the last time Westwood will try to milk consumers with the same

C&C junk. Everyone may have loved it the first time around, but now it’s just

an annoying jingle that won’t go away. This is an utter disappointment, much less

a counterstrike. Makes you wonder who wrote this, the summer interns? What about

those new soundtracks, you say? I wouldn’t know since I’d actually have to play

the game again to hear ’em…


Boring Missions for a game you ALREADY OWN
Limited Desktop Themes
Old "New" Units
No story, no goal, just wasting time