Numskull Designs Announce 1/4 Scale Replica PAC-MAN Arcade Cabinet

Numskull Designs has just announced a ¼ replica PAC-MAN arcade cabinet. Produced by Quarter Arcades, this officially licensed miniature machine is expected to ship in December. Hopefully just in time for Christmas.

Limited to 10,000 units, the official PAC-MAN quarter size arcade cabinet is an exact artistic replica of the original 80s classic. Every bit the ‘Collector’s Edition’ thanks to its packaging, it even comes with an exclusive PAC-MAN coin. Though whether you can insert it into the machine or not isn’t clear.

The exact inner workings of the cabinet isn’t explained in the product listing, but it will run the official PAC-MAN arcade ROM on its hardware. In the age of mini consoles like the NES Classic, you can bet someone will be eyeballing this as a homebrew arcade dream machine.

For the die-hard arcade fans out there, everything about the ¼ PAC-MAN arcade cabinet screams its realistic replica status. The artwork on its familiar wood right down to the switches and buttons are all made to replicate the look and feel of the original machine. And while you’ll also find speaker grills on the rear side, it’s the on/off switch and microUSB socket along the bottom that may detract from its ‘realistic replica’ title.

But why the microUSB anyway? It’s most likely a charging port. The ¼ scale PAC-MAN arcade cabinet is designed as a portable machine and will presumably run on an internal battery rather than hogging up a plug socket like the real deal. There’s no word on how long you can expect to play on a single charge, or even if our assumption of a built-in battery is correct.

Due to release in December, there’s an early bird discount available for those hoping to lock in a pre-order before all 10,000 of these things sell out. UK buyers can pick it up for £149.99 through Geekstore.