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New Spyro Merch Goes up for Preorder

Incapable of slowing down after the reveal of the ¼ PAC-MAN arcade cabinet, Numskull Designs is riding the Spyro Reignited Trilogy train by bringing an entire collection of new Spyro merch to your favorite home surface. Preorders are live, but there’s one piece of merch that might just stand above the rest – an incense burner.

The Spyro the Dragon merch collection brings caps, wallets, purses, keychains, badges, and more into the lives of a Spyro fan new or old. It’s like a time capsule back to the 90s, only with a noticeably higher-quality dragon.

Wearable apparel like the caps, shirts and pin badges (with included treasure chest holder) are likely to be the most popular items overall, but the limited-edition incense burner is expected to be the first to officially sell out – although there’s no mention of how many exist. The Spyro the Dragon incense burner uses incense cones, sold in packs of 100, and are designed to represent the colored gems from the game. When used, smoke billows out from Spyro’s nose like dragon breath.

If it happens to get a little chilly around that time, a mixture of the Spyro incense burner and the Spyro beanie hat (complete with rubber “scales”), and 3D mug should help keep you warm as you play. If you want to take your adoration of the 90s platforming mascot on the go, you can cover a good percentage of your body with a shirt, hat, wallet, watch, keychain and a selection of pin badges in the official “presentation box.” Happen to still take paper notes? There’s a notebook adorned with the head of the impressionable dragon.

The initial teaser tweet hinted at 12 Spyro merch items from Numskull Designs, but the total so far comes to 17. Each and every piece of merch is set to release on September 21, to coincide with the release of Spyro HD (or Spyro Reignited Trilogy, as it’s officially known). You can check them all out at GeekStore.

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