Netflix is testing out a random play button

In the latest of the big streaming service’s new experiments, Netflix is testing out a random play button. Not only will this feature play you a random episode of your favorite show, but you can also use it to shuffle through some of Netflix’s highest-rated series.

It’s likely the button will play the show in order with the latter option, of course. We say this because randomization will only work with some shows. BoJack Horseman or Cowboy Bebop would never work this way. But something like Portlandia or That 70’s Show could be brilliant for this. Or, if you’re someone who leaves random shows on to fall asleep to, this button could also be useful there.

It seems that Netflix is pulling a bit from Spotify’s feature set here. The music streaming platform loves to integrate random songs, artists, and more into user playlists to expand their music taste. Of course, a three-minute song is easier to force onto someone than Episode 6 of Season 3 of a random show, but the basic idea is similar.

Also, Netflix pulls all sorts of data from scrolling time to watch time to heat maps. So, we can be sure this button is a result of the habits of millions of users. Big brother is always watching, right?. But hey, if it forces me to stop scrolling actually start watching something, then who am I to complain? As of now, the random button is found on some Android versions of Netflix. It will likely roll out to more users over time.

Netflix is usually testing something new to bring in more subscribers. A recent new feature was the platform’s choose-your-own-adventure-show Bandersnatch. This interactive show put viewers in control of the actions of the characters and their choices. Speaking of games and shows, the Witcher Netflix series will release soon as well.

In other streaming news, Disney recently revealed its Disney+ service that’s going to pull viewers from Netflix no matter what the company does. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, Marvel, or any of the Fox properties, you’ll want to jump on this.