NVIDIA adds system-level framerate cap, more RTX support in new GeForce drivers

Released just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show, NVIDIA has revealed a Game Ready Driver with a few more bells and whistles than normal. In addition to a new way to show off the post-processing features of NVIDIA Freestyle and some better image sharpening for VR titles, the company revealed a system-level framerate lock that applies to all your 3D games. This has been a setting in many modern titles, but not all, so making it a system-level feature will help those with unusual or low-power setups.


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As an example, someone with a monitor that only supports 144hz may want to set the framerate to a 144 FPS maximum. When active, the game won’t try to render frames that your system can’t display, saving you the power and possibly making the game run better than before. This will have an even greater effect for those with gaming laptops, who can limit games down to a reasonable FPS and possibly get them to run in otherwise untenable situations.

In addition to a pure number, NVIDIA has added a few settings for specific situations. There’s a “prefer maximum performance” option that will reduce system latency as much as possible, which is perfect for fighting game players and professional tournaments. There’s also a “Power Management Mode” for laptops and lower-end rigs. This will keep the GPU from overwhelming the system and work in tandem with the previously introduced Battery Boost and Whisper Mode features.

If you’re perfectly fine with your framerate being uncapped, you’ll probably be pleased to learn that NVIDIA has updated their cards to support the newly added RTX features of Wolfenstein Youngblood. In addition to that, games like AshenHalo: The Master Chief CollectionBoneworks, and GTFO are all getting GeForce updates to support the GeForce Experience app’s one-click settings adjustment.