How to watch Disney Plus Ultrawide without letterboxing black bars

Disney Plus ultrawide support is a widely-requested feature, with users wanting to know how to remove the black letterboxing from the app. The black letterbox effect currently appears on all Disney Plus content, ensuring that viewers’ ultrawide displays aren’t being made use of in favor of only utilizing a fraction of their screens.  So how do you watch Disney Plus shows like The Mandalorian in ultrawide? Here’s a quick and easy way to do so using trusted extensions.

How to watch Disney Plus in Ultrawide

Ultrawide isn’t natively supported in Disney Plus, but third-party extensions allow you to watch it in the resolution with ease on Chrome and Firefox while removing the black bars that create the letterboxing effect.

Here’s how to change to Ultrawide:

Watch Disney Plus Ultrawide in Chrome

  • Download the Chrome extension
  • Click the Extensions icon in Chrome and pin it to your toolbar
  • Restart Disney Plus
  • Select ‘Upscale’ in extension menu

Watch Disney Plus Ultrawide in Firefox

Is native Ultrawide support coming to Disney Plus?

disney plus ultrawide black boxes letterboxing

Disney Plus native ultrawide support hasn’t been confirmed, with the streaming service set to continue utilizing its letterboxing effect for content displayed on ultrawide monitors. While this is an issue for those with ultrawide displays, that there are extensions that make the process of converting to ultrawide without any notable drop in video quality ensures that there are still workarounds.

Hopefully, Disney Plus will eventually support Ultrawide resolutions natively, but until then users can go back to watching The Mandalorian Season 2 in the resolution by installing one of the above extensions and letting it make the upgrade automatically.